Battery charger Snorkel 3050097

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Battery charger Snorkel 3050097

Type of battery chargerintegrated battery charger
High frequency battery chargerYES
Suitable for regions with high humidityNO
Air pump presentNO
Battery typegel-wet
Operates fully automaticYES
DC output voltage (V)24
DC output current (A)18
AC input voltage (V)100-240
Frequency (Hz)50-60
Output power (kW)0.6
Efficiency of the charger (%)85
Battery capacity (Ah)100-275
Total width of the battery charger (mm)180
Total height of the battery charger (mm)165
Total length of the battery charger (mm)198
Weight of the battery charger (kg)6.5
USA wire diameter (AWG)0.00
Led control panelbuilt in
Built in maintenanceNO
Can bus interface presentNO

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